There are ranks for the server.        Currently, there are 5 ranks at the moment.

  1. Royal Guard- A royal guard is one of the primere leaders of Dream Realms, they operate the server when the owners are not currently availible, and help any body that is in need of aid.
  2. Professor- They are the people who assist when no current Royal Guard is availible for their aid, and they're the back-up leaders of aid of when there are not of any other staff at availibility. 
  3. Benefactor- These people trended their own worthings to the server to help the server still be alive and healthy for the months.
  4. Citizen- They are the offical newly members of Dreamrealms, they are availible to start exploring and they've completed the test correctly.
  5. Traveler- They are the new people of the server who do not know what to do, and they've not started the quiz at the moment.

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