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A New Day for Dream Realms~ Prologue

As it was a modern day to be in Dreamrealms, there's always something going to happen. Erroria, rised up from the ground,ready to sacrifice mortals. She is a teenage demoness, who is always ready for a deadly fight. She sits up, ready to set fire or kill anything.

(Your turn! What'd you do next?

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Zener was experiencing his usual day at the lab and looked out of the window which was actually a video recording of the surface world, he stood up to take his usual stroll around the facility. He felt quite insecure that day so he took his trustworthy guns "Zis'ta" and "Keys'ta" and walks out of the lab.

Erroria notices the lab, her dark brown eyes surging into dark red bloodish eyes, and she charges over to the window, crashing the camera with her bare fist, crushing its circuits and somesorts. "Who dareth to record me!?!" She cried, still crushing the camera.

(Your turn! What'd you do next?)


Alarm turns on*, *Zener hears the alarm* ooooh, what's this all about. *Zener is surprised and decides to pull out his gun* Better not be an intruder! *Starts running all over the facility looking for the cause of the alarm since the alarm code was 145, which meant that something broke or there was an overload in some circuits for some reason*

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